We had some issues with one of our plugins that calculates shipping price. This prevented customers from completing the checkout process. This issue has been resolved. We apologize if you were unable to place an order through the site.


This is no April Fools joke! We just upgraded our site! Please bear with us as we get everything up and running smoothly. We aren’t spiders so web design isn’t our forte (I’m sorry that was terrible). We hope to have everything running properly as soon as possible. If you have any issues with our site feel free to let us know.

We are adding a proper products page, shopping cart, shipping calculator, and videos to ensure a better experience for you! For the time being there may be issues with site functionality but they should be resolved soon.

We also would like to thank everybody who has supported us so far not only on the site through purchases but on Reddit as well!

In more unfortunate news, due to COVID-19 there may be delays in our ability to restock or ship certain items. We will do our best to keep things stocked and offer feeders during this time. Items that are handmade such as enclosures may be out of stock until the shelter in place is lifted in Ca. As we ship by USPS there may be delays but we will do our best to ensure that your order is processed and shipped in a timely manner. If you have any questions about shipping or item availability just send us a message and we will get back to you ASAP! Be safe out there!


Our photo gallery is now up!


We will be out of town from February 6th to February 9th on a collection field trip. During this time we will not be fulfilling orders. We apologize if we are unable to respond to emails during this time. Shipping resumes on February 10th. If we already received your order it will be shipped out on then.

In other news, we have recently obtained a “new” camera with a macro lens. By “new” we mean a decade old Canon EOS Rebel XT. Since we are no longer using a potato to photograph our spoods, we will have a photo gallery added to the site soon. If you have any pictures of your inverts that you would like to share or see on our site PLEASE send them to us and we may add them to our upcoming gallery. While our focus is Phids, we don’t discriminate. SEND US ALL YOUR INVERT PICS! Please watermark your photos to protect your content before submitting it though. We want to give credit where credit is deserved.


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